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Company Policy & Auction Rules

LVL Auction Rules and Policies

LVL Auctions works hard to seek out great new collectible items every day to add to our auctions. We want to make the auction process a fun experience for the bidders. Many of our bidders are regular bidders who will bid on several of our auctions per month and per week. It is because we strive to find great items and because we pride ourselves on giving our customers high value for their money that we have many repeat customers.

We want our customers to have an enjoyable experience bidding on our auction. We at LVL Auctions also want to enjoy finding great items to put into our auctions. However, it is because of the few customers that chose to try to get items for nothing that we have to make and enforce rules and policy.

Bidding on Auction is a Commitment to Purchase:  As in ALL Public Auctions it is a rule that once you bid on any item you are 100% committing to purchase and pay for those items. Upon registering for an auction you must agree to the rules of the auction. One of the main rules of every auction house is that you MUST Pay for the items you bid on and win in an auction. When you bid on items and do not pay you are basically interfering in the normal sale of our auction and blocking the sale of the other bidders who would have paid for the items that you bid on. Refusal to pay for items that you bid on after an auction usually results in being banned from that auction house. We WILL Ban all customers from our auction who bid and refuse to pay.

Paid in 3 Days: All auction items must be Paid for within 3-5 days after the Close of the Auction!

Items Can Be Picked Up or We Can Ship to You.

Items May be Picked up at Our New Location at:

Cash for Collectibles

2010 East Pebble Rd

Las Vegas, NV  89123

5 Day Rule: We are not a warehouse or a storage facility that can store items for weeks on end.

Please Pay for item and Pick up your items, or Pay for Shipping within 5 day of the close of the auction. All sold items must be removed, picked up, or shipped out of our location within the 5 days following the close of an auction.

We are Not responsible for any Lost, Damaged, or Missing Items that were not paid for within the 5days following the auction. However, the bidder is still responsible to Pay for all items that the bidder bids on in each Auction.

Credit Card on File: We do NOT Have your credit card on file unless you called and gave it to us personally. Attention New Bidders - We do NOT Have Your Credit Card on File unless you personally called us with it. After an Auction Closes please send your payments through Paypal to Our Account at Or Call us to Put Your Credit Card on File with us.

No Renegotiation: It is NOT Acceptable to Refuse to Pay for an Auction in order to renegotiate your invoice. It is NOT Acceptable to refuse to pay for auctions until you get a combined shipping invoice. We will No Longer Combine Shipping for separate Auctions. All Auctions are individual transactions and are to be treated as such. We ship as a courtesy to our customers for their convenience. Since each Auction is an individual transaction they must be paid for and shipped individually.

No Combine Shipping on Different Auctions:  After each Auction we package up all items and make them 100% ready for shipping before we send invoices. By the time you receive your invoice - your package is ready to be shipped. We do not charge a handling fee for this. We only charge our costs to ship. However, If you ask us to "combine ship" that would force us to re-open the packages you wish to combine and re-package them. If we have to do extra work at your request you will be required to pay an extra $50.00 handling fee.

All items sold in any one auction are considered one auction. All items purchased in any one auction date will all be combined into one shipping.  However, We will no longer combine shipping for separate auction dates. Each day that we hold an auction is a separate auction date and as such will be treated as a separate auction and will NOT be eligible for combine shipping. We ship as a courtesy to our customers for their convenience. Since each Auction Date is a separate individual auction they must be paid for and shipped individually.

Payment Before Removal: No items may be removed or shipped until paid for in full (including any shipping costs). Any Items Not Paid for within 7 days from the Close of the Auction Shall be Forfeited by the Buyer and will no longer be considered their property. However, the bidder Shall still be responsible for the hammer price of the items that were bid on plus the buyers premium.

AGAIN: We are Not responsible for any Lost, Damaged, or Missing Items that were not paid for within the 5days following the auction.

Buyer 7 Day Item Deadline:  Once the 7 day pick up deadline for payment has come and gone auction items are subject to be, re-sold, donated, or thrown away. Bidders that have not paid for their auction will then be blocked from all future auctions for interfering with the Auction Sale. Bidders can be unblock only when they have paid the hammer price and the buyers premiums that they agreed to pay in order to register for the auction. However, even if a bidder pays the hammer price and buyers premium on a "forfeit Item" nothing will be shipped to that bidder and they will not be able to pick up the forfeit items. Forfeit Items are Not Longer Buyers Property.

Also in the event that you have paid for items but have not picked them up or paid to have the items shipped with in the 7 days following an auction these items will also be considered forfeit. Then these "forfeit Items" are also subject to be, re-sold, donated, or thrown away. Forfeit Items are Not Longer Buyers Property.

Blocked or Black Flagged Bidders may have their Block or Flag removed only after They Pay the Buyer's Premium for all the items that they bid on and won Plus a 10% Re-Stocking Fee. Minimum Fee on small invoices ($100.00 or less) to Release a Block or a Black Flag will be the entire cost of the bidders invoice or $20.00 (which ever is less).

Buyer Pays All Shipping Costs: We will Gladly Package and Ship Items for On Line Bidders.  We Ship through the USPS Mail. We try to get the lowest shipping quote and charge Only the Shipping at our cost (which also include insurance, boxes and packing material). Shipping Quotes are obtained from by entering the package weight, our zip code (89119) and your zip code. The US Post Office web site then kicks back a shipping price. That is the price we charge you. When questioning our shipping quote please go to yourself and enter in the info yourself. If you still do not like the cost of shipping your items - Arrange shipping or pick-up yourself.

All Items will be Shipped at Lowest Cost except in the case of High End Comic Books and Collectibles. Average Shipping for a 14 x 14 x 14 box at 15lbs will cost around $35.00 or less to anywhere in the continental US. Bidders are encouraged to Buy in Bulk as shipping one item will cost about the same to Ship 20 items.

Buyers Please do not Waste your time with $1 purchases. When you bid the absolute minimum bid on one item and win that ONE item at $1 remember - we still have to ship your item to you at a cost that will most likely far exceed the purchase price. Please do Not Buy 1 large item for $1 and expect us to cover part of your shipping costs because shipping came out higher than the cost of the item. Shipping cost have NOTHING to do with how low your invoice is on the items. Shipping cost are Fixed and we can not do anything to change that.

Bidder Refuses to Pay Shipping: If a bidder does not want to pay for shipping - That is fine with us. However, bidder is still responsible to pay the full hammer price and all of the buyers premiums that they agreed to pay when they registered for the auction. Bidder may pay their invoice minus the shipping costs. However,in this case if no shipping is paid - NOTHING will be shipped. This is a good tactic for the professional auction bidder because it keeps your accounts in good standing and will allow you to continue to bid in future auctions. We will Block Bidders from all Future Auction for for un-paid invoices even if the invoice is only $1. This is because we do not appreciate bidders that interfere with the sale of our Auctions.

Shipping High End Collectible: In the case of High End Collectibles vrs Non- Collectible Items: There is a fine line between protecting High End Expensive Collectibles in shipping and Shipping items for the least amount of Money. Every Time we ship items we have to make decisions on Shipping cost vrs Protection. When items are Sold at higher prices we tend to ship with a lot of extra protection, in more boxes, with added insurance, ect... This is to protect expensive items from damage in shipping. However, this extra protection does come with higher shipping costs. When items are Sold at a very low price we do not consider them collectibles and we will ship at the lowest costs possible.  Example:  We do not consider a sale of 20 comic books at 25cent each a "Collectible" purchase. As such we will pack and ship at lowest costs possible to save you money. However, If you as the buyer Do consider lower price items as collectibles it is up to you as the buyer to contact us to make arrangements to update your invoice and pay the extra cost involved in shipping your items. Please do not complain after you receive the items because one of your comic books that you paid only 25 cents for has a minor dent in it because it was not packed well. If your shipping on several comic books was only $3 - it was not pack as a valuable collectible.

Shipping High End Collectibles:  High End Collectibles will ship with a lot of padding and protection, in more boxes, with added insurance, etc...  This is to protect expensive items from damage in shipping. However, this extra protection does come with higher shipping costs. High End Comic books will be shipped in Over-sized Priority Boxes with lots of Padding and Protection and with insurance. This is to insure items are safe from damage.

If bidder Demands to "Save Money" in shipping high end collectibles they must send us a request in writing. The Request Must State the following:

Bidder's Name, Address, Auction Bidder Paddle Number

- I as the buyer of the items purchased from Las Vegas Liquidation Auction in reference to the above bidder paddle number am demanding that all items be shipped at the absolute lowest costs to save me money. I refuse to pay for extra protection and packing materials. I refuse to pay for insurance to protect me from loss or damages in shipping my items. As such - I will accept FULL Responsibility to any loss or damage of my auction items tat may occur as a result or my decision. I will not hold Las Vegas Liquidations Auction liable for any losses or damages. My choice to save money over protecting my items was my decision and was made only by me and in direct opposition to the professional advice of Las Vegas Liquidations.


Damaged Items Claims:

Instructions to File a Claim for Damaged items in Shipping:

In the event that any items are damage in shipping we must start and insurance claim. In order to start an insurance claim you as the buyer and the one who accepted the damaged items must submit to us in writing the following info:

All Claims must be started within 3 days of receiving an item or package. Any claim filed 5 days or more after receiving a package will be denied. We do not appreciate customers who keep an item for weeks then accident break it themselves and try to file an insurance claim. check your items as soon as you get them. You should know right away if any items were damage in shipping. There really is no excuse for claiming damages 5 days or more after receiving a package.

Buyer should know right away if items are damaged in shipping and so should inform Las Vegas Liquidations Shipping Department at the Email address provided as soon as possible. If a claim is not filed within 3 days of receipt of your auction items we will assume that you have received all your auction items in Satisfactory Condition.

When Filing a Claim - Please send us an Email to

All Claims and Claims inquiries Must be in Writing. We will NOT Handle claims over the phone. We need a paper record of the claim and everything that is said in writing. We can help you gather info for a claim if you have a question over the phone. However, We will NOT Handle any claims requests over the phone. Please submit all claims and request for claims in writing by email.

Insurance Claims Requests should include:

Bidders Name, Address, Auction Paddle Number, Lot numbers of the items that were damaged, and the specific description of the damages. We will also need photos of the damage. And Photos of the Package Prior to opening. If you are claiming the package was damaged in shipping, there should be clear evidence of the damaged package even before you open it. Take photos Before you open the package if you are claiming damage package.

Once we obtain ALL this information we will begin the damage claim. Claims can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to investigate. You may be require to send the items back or we may allow you to keep the items. We make this decision based on a case by case basis. The more info you give us and the more cooperative you are the faster and smoother a claim will be processed.

We try to pack our items as securely as possible.

We are always looking for ways to ship items with proper protection at lowest cost.

However, When items are damaged to the point of filing an insurance claim - we need the proper evidence to file the claim. If we filed claims on everyone who had a minor ding or dent on an item we would be opening up our company for people to take advantage of our credit policies by filing frivolous claims on every package in order to negotiate some sort of credit on their next invoice. At the prices we sell items - we can not allow every customer to file a claim on every package just to get discounts, credits and refunds. If there is a legitimate damage to an item - we need proper evidence and we would need the items shipped back to us in order to file a proper claim. In the event that a customer files multiple suspect claims - we may feel that they are taking advantage of us and would be force to block their account and not allow them to bid on any future auctions.

All claims will be paid out as Future Auction Credits – No Refunds are Given

Email Claims to

All Items are to be Sold As Is, Where is. We will describe the items as best we can. However, it is the responsibility of the Buyer to Inspect any items that they intend to bid on. We will be available for questions in person or over the phone. But, we encourage all bidders to take the time to inspect items in person so that you will know exactly what you are bidding on. We in no way make any special guarantees or warranties on any items. We will take responsibility for any items that are clearly described wrong. However, we make absolutely No Promises on any item that is not listed in the description.Please do not assume that extra items Should be included in a listing even if it is not described or is not present in the photos. If the Original Box is NOT anywhere in any of the pictures of any one item - then do NOT assume the original box is included. You will receive only what is describe and included in the photos - Nothing More.

We do appreciate your business. We have had several issues like this in which some customers have completely taken advantage of our kindness and our desire to make customers happy. Because of this we have developed rules and policy in an effort to control those damaging issues that have come up in the past.

Be Aware: We are Not Ebay. You can not complain about every item that is not up to your highest expectations. All our auctions start at $1 or less with No reserves! Most times our customers are getting there items at a steel - paying far below retail prices for items. Since every item has a starting bid of $1 with no reserves, every auction we have there are Many items that sell far below retail prices. On these sales we do not call customers and say, "You got this item for under retail price so we are going to need you to pay more for those items." No!  They a 'no reserve auctions'. All items are sold as is. You win some - you lose some. That goes both ways. Sometimes we are forced to sell items for far below value. This is the greatest benefit to participating in an Auction. We have had $5,000.00 items sell for literally $2 because there were no competing bids. On the alternative side - Sometimes in the fun an excitement of the auction a person bids more than an item may be worth. That is the give-and-take in an auction. We do not want customers in our auctions who will only take the items that they won at far below retail. And return all items that they feel they paid too much for. That is just not fair and we will not allow it.  That is like putting money in the slot machine and then asking the casino for your money back because you did not hit the jack pot.

All Items are to be Sold As Is, Where is. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

If you feel that you are not getting the quality of items you would like at the prices that you are paying then do not bid in our auctions. Buy your Collectibles in local stores or on other web stores.

Again - we do appreciate your business. However, we can not change the rules to give unfair bidding advantages to customers who only want to keep the wins and want to return the items they feel were not jackpots.

Shipping Customer Service - 702-981-9185

Please contact our shipping department for shipping questions at

We do not Tolerate Fraud or Theft: We WILL File a federal police report on any customers attempting to Acquire Auction Items without paying for them. We have had a couple of customers in the past that have purchased very expensive items only to return to us items are obviously different items and in some cases have returned complete trash just to show a tracking number for return to paypal or to their credit card company. We have photo records of exactly what we shipped to you and we take a photo record of the items returned to us. Any customer attempting to return items that are not the items we shipped to them will be reported to the police and we will pursue federal criminal charges against such actions.

Insurance on Items: Insurance will be added to packages at a rate of $1.50 per $50 Value of Item rounded up to nearest $50.00.

Insurance will Only Cover the Cost of the Item(s). Insurance will NOT Cover Our Shipping Costs or the Buyers Premiums.

Note on Large Artwork: We will Not Ship Large Art or Framed Memorabilia. It is the Buyers responsibility to Pick up Larger items or to arrange their own packing and shipping. Items that can not be shipped will be noted as such in the item description.

Special Circumstances:  Las Vegas Liquidations does not add a Handling fee to package and ship items to our customers. We charge only our actual costs to ship. Most items are shipped out within 24 to 36 hours from the time of payment. We always try to ship items as quickly as possible. However, in order to keep shipping cost low we ask our customers to be patient with shipping time. Once Items are shipped bidder will be sent a tracking number to their email address on file with Proxibid. In the event that a bidder requires items to be shipped immediately following payment we would then require a phone call from the bidder requesting immediate shipping to 702-891-9185. In this event bidder would also have to agree to a $60.00 special immediate care handling fee that would be added to the shipping cost.

On Autographed Memorabilia - We are qualified at Authentications. When we list and sell items we describe and list items to the very best of our skill and knowledge. However, we in no way guarantee that other authentication companies will confirm our authentications.

On Comic Book Auction We may give Uncertified Grades to Help Bidders Know the Condition of each Comic Book. The Grades are based on Our Best Knowledge and Experience on Grading. We in No Way Guarantee that CGC or any other grader will give the exact grading number that we offer.  We take close-up pictures of each comic book and suggest you zoom into the photo of the comic you are interested in to see the fine details.  If you have any questions regarding the detail condition of any comic books we welcome you to call us and we can describe in detail over the phone any comic book's condition. Call Frank at 702-981-9185.

If you are in Doubt about any items Condition, Grade, Authentication or Anything Else... Please do Not Bid on the items.

All items are Sold as is. No Refunds or Exchange. Any problems with orders such as damages on items in shipping will settled as a credit on your next or on a future action invoice.

In the Rare Case When a Customer DEMANDS to Return items for what ever reason for a refund. It should be known that We will NOT Refund Shipping. We will NOT Refund Buyers Premium. We will Only Refund 90% of the Hammer Price of the items and Keep 10% of the hammer for a re-stocking and Re-selling fee. If the Buyer will agree to these rules we may refund Only if the items are returned in the Exact Same condition and they were when they left our store.

Las Vegas Liquidation holds the right to change and update the rules of our auctions and needed.

Auctions are a great way for buyers to get great items at great prices. Auctions are also pretty fun to participate in. Las Vegas Liquidations wants our bidders to have fun with their auctions. We want you to get great deals. We want you to enjoy the entire auction process and we want you to enjoy your won items. These rules are simply set up to protect all parties from misunderstandings and abuse of the system.

If there are any questions about any points made here feel free to call us at 702-981-9185.